Inconclusive Breakdown
  • On this week's show: We talk about the passing of a true legend Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, The Emmy Awards, Gwyneth Paltrow losing her mind, the return of Sarah Connor, Comic book writers teaming up against fans, Trump vs. NFL & NBA protesters, WWE No Mercy predictions, our Top 10: Non Fiction Books, and as always your listener questions. 



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  • On this week's show:  Rapper hangs a white child, ESPN hypocrisy, we get our first look at the new Hellboy, Stephen Colbert's Nazi salute, The passing of Harry Dean Stanton and Len Wein, our casting this week is an all white version of Good Times and as always we will answer your listener questions. 


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  • On this week's show:  Hurricane Irma, Greatest "American" Hero reboot, It opens big, Deaths in the music world, First the Patriots cheat now the Red Sox? Our prep segment this week we will talk about EDC or Every Day Carry. No Top 10 this week instead we will fan cast Guardians of the Galaxy, but not the one most of you know, the original team from the comics. Plus your listener questions and much more. 



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  • On this week's show:  North Korea Nuke Test, Toni Basil vs. Disney and South Park,  A Shocking firing from the Simpsons, Dicaprio as the Joker, Hellboy whitewash controversy, JBL leaving Smackdown, SPLC's "hate map", how to store water and a new highest paid NFL player in history. Plus we will answer your Now-10years-Nevers, FMK's and listener questions. 


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