Inconclusive Breakdown
Episode 138: Sand Creek Soul

On this week's show we discuss: The death of America's TV mom, a Cuban ass, and a sci-fi doctor, Thanksgiving and Black Friday, a sci-fi classic coming back in a big way, pizzagate and social media censorship. Plus the first installment of Short Conversations with Mr. Short featuring the band Sand Creek Soul. Then we will fancast Election 2016 and answer your listener questions.





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Episode 137: Hamilton presents Trumpsgiving

On this week's show: We talk about politics at comic cons. Celebs endorsing violence against Trump and supporters. Celebs now saying they are for Trump. The sad story of Shelly Duvall. We give out Top 10: Shocking TV Reveals and answer your listener submitted questions.



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Episode 136: Trumpacalypse Now What

On this week's show: The Election results and where do we go from here as a country, Deaths in 2016 strikes again, UFC history made last night and more big stories, plus we will answer your listener submitted questions.

Top 10 List: Movies that SJW's would hate if made today


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Episode 135: Best End of the World Ever

Anti PC Entertainment News and Current Events

On this week's show: Short & Vince's adventures at the Midwest Toy Fest and Smith Awards, Election Talk, CUBS WIN! CUBS WIN!, a Japanese fart fire, Entertainment Quick Hits and your questions.

Top 10: Political Movies


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