Inconclusive Breakdown
Episode 9: Pokes You

TV, Movie, Game, Pro Wrestling, Sports News

Timmy's Rant about Mark Cuban and the Redskins

Justin's David Goyer Rant

Top 10 TV or Movie Serial Killers

Top 10 Places we want to visit

Fancast of X-Force







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Dragon Herpes

TV, Movie, Muisc, Sports and Pro Wrestling news

Top 10:

Talk Show Hosts

Simpson's Guest Stars

Fan Cast:

Mario Kart the movie

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Episode 7: Ha Ha Clinton Dix

TV (Gotham, TV cancelled and picked up)

Movie (Casting and release dates for next year)

Sports (NBA & NHL Playoffs, Grand Prix of Indy, NASCAR)

Music (Danzig sues the world, Big Summer Tour)

Top 10 Celebrity MILFs, and Songs we are listening to right now.  

Fancast of our own Zombie movies. 

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Episode 6: Now sell your team

Star Wars, Marvel, DC Casting, WWE Extreme Rules preview, Sports news, Clipper's owner, Music news. Top 10 Movies that need toys, Top 10 cartoons that need made into live action movies.  Fancast of Mortal Kombat.

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