Inconclusive Breakdown (general)
Episode 19: Ebay

Now a member of the Shining Wizards Network!


Internet Questions

Top 10: Celebs we love and hate

Fancast: Expendables (video game characters)


Twitter:  @InconclusivePod, @Cyborgsumo, @TimmySchisler, @ShorTimmy and @ChimpTornado

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Episode 18: We Are Legal

TV, Movie, Wrestling, Sports and Music News

We answer your questions about ourselves

Top 10:

Man-Servants in pop culture

Cartoon Villains

Fancast of Weird Science



Twitter:  @InconclusivePod @TimmySchisler @ShorTimmy @Cyborgsumo and @ChimpTornado

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Episode 17: King Nugent

So much Comic-Con news

Top 10: Historical events we want to see in person and Guilty Pleasure Songs

Fan Cast: Fast and Furious


Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @Cyborgsumo, @TimmySchisler, @ChimpTornado and @ShorTimmy

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Down 1 Tim this week, but we cover the news anyway.

Top 10: TV Moms & Where are they now celebs

Fancast: Rocky 2.0


Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @Cyborgsumo, @ChimpTornado, @ShorTimmy and @TimmySchisler

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Moving Stories, Fireworks oops and some news

Top 10: Comedians and Places we want to go on Vacation

Fancast: Kids Movie



Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @TimmySchisler, @ShorTimmy, @ChimpTornado and @Cyborgsumo

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Sorry the episode is so late. 

Top 10: TV Dads, and Celebs who could be cult leaders

Fancast: Starship crew


Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @TimmySchisler, @ShorTimmy, @ChimpTornado, @Cyborgsumo

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Top 10: Dumb Band Names & Useless Sidekicks

Fan-Cast: Family Feud


Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @TimmySchisler, @ShorTimmy, @ChimpTornado and @Cyborgsumo

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Tv, Movie, Sports, Video Game, Pro Wrestling, Music & Comic Book News

Top 10: Fictional Materials & Tom Hanks Movies

Semi-Finals of Video Game Character Death Tourney

Fan Casting: Rom-Com


Twitter: @InconclusivePod @Cyborgsumo @ShorTimmy @TimmySchisler

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Episode 11: Happy Birthday Wahlberg

TV, Movie, VideoGame, Wrestling, Sports, Comic Book news

Avengers vs. Justice League

Top 10: Quotes and Bill Murray Movies

Fancast: Summer Music Festival

Video Game Character Death Match Round 2

Twitter: @InconclusivePod, @Cyborgsumo, @TimmySchisler, @ShorTimmy



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Our trip to Indy Pop Con

TV, Movie, Music, Wrestling, Sports, Video Game and Comic news

Top 10's: Nintendo 64 games and Movies that should never be remade

Fancast: Western

Video Game Character Tourney Round 1

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Episode 9: Pokes You

TV, Movie, Game, Pro Wrestling, Sports News

Timmy's Rant about Mark Cuban and the Redskins

Justin's David Goyer Rant

Top 10 TV or Movie Serial Killers

Top 10 Places we want to visit

Fancast of X-Force







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Dragon Herpes

TV, Movie, Muisc, Sports and Pro Wrestling news

Top 10:

Talk Show Hosts

Simpson's Guest Stars

Fan Cast:

Mario Kart the movie

reach us on Twitter





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Episode 7: Ha Ha Clinton Dix

TV (Gotham, TV cancelled and picked up)

Movie (Casting and release dates for next year)

Sports (NBA & NHL Playoffs, Grand Prix of Indy, NASCAR)

Music (Danzig sues the world, Big Summer Tour)

Top 10 Celebrity MILFs, and Songs we are listening to right now.  

Fancast of our own Zombie movies. 

Reach the show at:

on Twitter




any feedback is welcome and tell your friends about the show.

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Episode 6: Now sell your team

Star Wars, Marvel, DC Casting, WWE Extreme Rules preview, Sports news, Clipper's owner, Music news. Top 10 Movies that need toys, Top 10 cartoons that need made into live action movies.  Fancast of Mortal Kombat.

Reach the show at





also on Facebook, search Inconclusive Breakdown

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Episode 5: Superman's Accent

This episode we talk about Movies, TV, Sports, Music news.  We also do top 10 Comic Book Characters who's life you want & Top 10 Sports Movies.  Then we fan cast He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

You can reach the show at or on Twitter @InconclusivePod, @Cyborgsumo or @Shortimmy

Also on Facebook, just search Inconclusive Breakdown.

Feedback is more than welcome and thanks for listening.

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Rampant Racism

Wrestlemania and Warrior breakdown, Nancy Grace Rant, Music news, Sports news, Top 10 TV Cops and Celeb Chefs and a fancast of Justice League

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Episode 2: A tale of 2 Timmy's

Top Cartoons, Top non animated shows growing up, and we cast our own x-men movies

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Real Episode 1 (3/25/2014) Spider-Man, X-Men, Avengers, Arrow and Monday Night Raw

My thoughts on Spiderman: Spiderverse, X-Men Days of Future Past's new trailer, Avengers Ultron set photos, the Harley Quinn Arrow cameo and a rundown of Monday Night Raw.

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