Inconclusive Breakdown

On this week's show we discuss: An Autistic Puppet, The Power Rangers, DC Comics lead into their big summer event, A Tranny weightlifter and the passing of JR's wife. Our Top 10 this week is our favorite albums and as always we answer your listener questions.

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On this week's show we discuss: Paige from WWE's Sex Scandal, Snoop vs. Trump, Amy Schumer still unfunny, Passing of Chuck Berry and New director for Man of Steel 2. Plus our Top 10 will be scandal celebrities and we will answer your listener questions. 

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On this week's show we discuss: Samantha Bee mocking a cancer patient, Iron Fist getting hate for staying true to the source material, Sam Jackson says Brits are taking American jobs, DC Comics and Amazon possibly putting together a subscription service, Impact wrestling has sued the Hardys, Passing of Lou Duva, Pokemon Go kills a man, Nuns accuse Katy Perry of witchcraft, plus our casting this week we will fix Suicide Squad and answer your listener questions.


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On this week's show we discuss: Mr. T having the need to dance, X-Men & Inhumans Casting, Could Beauty & The Beast be banned in Russia, Emerald City Comic Con news, The Bolivian Government hates Ubisoft, Now you can retire to Margaritaville, We will Fan Cast: Police Academy and answer your listener questions.


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On this week's show we discuss: Witches against Trump, Someone thinks the Walking Dead is racist, Judd Apatow thinks Trump raped him, A Tranny High School Wrestler, WNBA is hertophobic, Oscar Picks, Your listener questions and our Top 10: TV Show Mashups.

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Episode 150: PETA wants a human BBQ

On this week's show we discuss: JJ Abrams and Stephen King teaming up for TV, Ben Affleck wants out of the Batman, Passing of 2 wrestling legends, NBA star says the earth is flat, Antifa shut down a metal concert, PETA wants human BBQ and much more. Our top 10 this week is Movies made before 1970 and we will answer your listener questions.

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Episode 149: Grammy's So Lame

On this week's show we discuss:  Netflix's Dear White People trailer, The Rock as a werewolf, WWE's Paige's life story being made into a movie, Our Elimination Chamber picks, NFL Players getting political and our picks for the Grammy Awards. Our Top 10 this week, in honor of Valentine's Day, Bad songs to have sex to, plus we will answer your listener questions.


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Episode 148: UnCivil War 2

On this week's show we discuss:  The Berkeley riots, Needing a new TV Doctor, Hollywood Award Show Trump Bash take 2, Seth Rollins's injury, a surprise NFL retirement, College football players as employees, The passing of the Pac-Daddy, your listener questions and our Top 10 of 90's bands that people forgot about.


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Episode 147: Women's March of Crimes

On this week's show we discuss: The passing of two acting legends. More people hating on Barron Trump. The Oscar nominations, our Royal Rumble picks, and celebrities that think violence is fine if you have an alternate opinion on things. Plus this week we will do our Top 10 Movie Speeches.

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Episode 146: Protest This

On this week's episode: More TV Reboots, Patrick Stewart as shit, Madonna being investigated by the Secret Service, The inauguration, Riots and the Women's March. We will fan cast Street Fighter plus answer your listener questions

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