Inconclusive Breakdown
  • On this week's show: Stautes and history attacked, Game of Thornes leaked by HBO, Deadpool 2 death on set, Ric Flair's health, WWE Summerslam predictions, ESPN's Fantasy auction causes cries of racism and much more. The Top 10 this week is Underrated movies of the 80's and as always we will answer your listener questins and FMK's 


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  • On this week's show we discuss:  Charlottesville. Glen Campbell's passing, the NETFLIX – Disney divorce, return of David Letterman, reboots and spinoffs, Magnum TA vs. Disney plus much more. The Top 10 this week is Spoof Movies and as always we will answer your listener questions and F.M.K's. 


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  • On this week's show we discuss: The return of Cobra Kai, Pete Rose and Tom Wopat in trouble, NJ man at the Emoji Movie, WWE cutting costs and a world record sports contract. The Top 10 this week is Weapons from Movies or TV Shows and as always we will answer your listener questions and FMK's.  


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On this week's show we discuss: Star Trek: Discovery drama, A new vision for DC movies, Batman no longer a human, WWE with record money, The NFL with more concussion trouble and the first church of BieberAlso on this week's show we will give our Top 10: B-Movies and as always answer your FMK's and listener questions.

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  • On this week's show we discuss: A ton of news coming out of Comic Con, Celebrity deaths, give our WWE Battleground predictions and R. Kelly's cult. Our casting this week is The Godfather 3 ways (Comedy, Musical and Horror), plus as always we will answer your FMK's and Listener Questions. 


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On this week's show we discuss: A TON of Disney news, Emmy Nominations, Kermit the Frog fired, Alberto el Patron & Paige situation, Connor and Floyd press tour and much more. The fan casting this week is a movie way ahead of it's time PCU and as always we will answer your listener questions.

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On this week's show we discuss: CNN Doxxing Blackmail scandal, South Park not wanting to become CNN, what's next for Spider-Man movies, a story where Batman will be the bad guy, ridiculous sports contracts and our WWE Great Balls of Fire predictions. We will give our Top 10 movies that would be better set in space and as always answer your listener questions.

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  • On this week's show we discuss: America: The original Brexit, Possible new Doctor Who cast, more Han Solo problems, SNES Classic, LaVarr Ball on Raw and a bad week for the William's sisters. Out Top 10 this week will be Movies that define America and as always we will answer your Listener Questions. 


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  • On this week's show we discuss: Han Solo movie director shakeup, Watchmen on HBO, Marvel's Legacy announcement and the UFC stripping a champ. Plus this week we will cast a Spider-Man movie and as always answer your listener questions.  


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  • On this week's show we discuss: The Bill Cosby trial, Sony trying to clean up movies is pissing off directors,  We will give our Money in the Bank predictions, McGregor vs. Mayweather, The shooting of Steve Scaliese and in honor of Father's Day our top 10 this week is TV or Movie Dads, plus we will answer your listener questions. 


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